bookHis most recent book entitled Microcontroller Theory and Applications with the PIC18F (published by John Wiley & Sons), came about in response to the many requests made to Dr. Rafiquzzaman for a better text on the subject than was currently available. He was approached by several professors, students, and  friends in industry to write such a book. Furthermore, Dr. R. Chandra, one of his colleagues, who has been teaching microcontroller courses for many years, and several students at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona requested him to write this book. All of them wanted a book on the PIC18F that would provide more simplified explanations along with examples than are found in Microchip manuals. Finally, the book evolved after a visit to the campus by two engineers from Microchip Technology, Inc.

After the publication of his book he was again approached and persuaded to develop an online class on the basics of programming (both assembly and C), along with hardware and interfacing aspects of the PIC18F.

This class will be the first, of hopefully many, that will be available.

If you believe in simplicity and basics, then take this class to learn about the fundamentals of programming (both assembly and C), hardware and interfacing aspects of the PIC18F.